Tripper Tandem

Tripper Tandem

This all purpose kayak is built for two! Its a very stable, easy to enter, comfortable and fast kayak. Perfect for those who want the comfort of staying dry yet want the performance to get from point A to point B. 


Length: 14’8”

Width: 33”

Weight: 80lbs

Capacity: 550 lbs



Ergo Seat: The Tripper Tandem includes two of Jackson’s new Ergo Seats with all new 3D breathable mesh fabric, improved lumbar support, strengthened supports for hi-low seating, additional storage spots and compatible with the newer track/hi-low systems being built at JK.

Sit Inside Design: Lower center of gravity than sit on tops. All gear contained inside the kayak. Better protection from weather for colder climates. The open cockpit allows for easy entry and exit, keeps you drier than SOT's, are easy to shoulder, and minimizes weight.

Hull Storage: Open hull space that allows for safe storage of fishing rods, camping gear, PFD’s, dry bags, etc.. A great way to keep your gear safe when traveling and generous volume allows you to pack enough gear for expedition paddling.

Seating for 1 or 2: Movable forward and aft via a central track system, these Ergo Seats can be set for one or two paddlers. Seating can be standard or facing each other as well.

Stern storage: The stern features a hatched storage area to keep goods out of the rain and the waves. Ample room for storing a day's worth of food and warm gear.

32 oz Nalgene: The Tripper Tandem also includes two Nalgene 32 ounce wide mouth water bottles. Made in the USA, our custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with Jackson Kayak logos.

Bow Bungee system: Keeping maps, extra gear and more in arms reach is made easy with traditional touring bungee system on the bow of the Tripper.

Gear Tracks around the kayak: Compatible with RAM accessories, these tracks allow you to place rod holders, camera mounts, drink holders and any other compatible accessory anywhere around the Tripper.

GoPro Mount: Molded right into the kayak is a ready-to-shoot GoPro mount.